A lot of pilgrims are expected in Pompei for the Kiss of the Painting

Only this day, the faithful may kiss the sacred icon of the Virgin Mary

POMPEII. Thousands of pilgrims are expected in Pompeii the next 13th of November, which isthe day of the 142nd anniversary of the arrival, from Naples to Pompei, of the miraculous Painting of the Virgin of the Rosary (1875). This day, the faithful may thank the Virgin Mary with the traditional “kiss” to the sacred icon.

Every year, the sacred icon is lowered from the throne and is placed on the presbytery to the direct veneration of the faithful, so that the pilgrims may reconfirm the traditional ritual of the Kiss to the Painting. In front of the painting, everyone could express the own personal filial gratitude and evoke Her protection and maternal guide, entrusting hopes, worries and fears to Her.

The event starts at 6 o’clock, with the recite of the prayer “Good Morning to Virgin Mary” and then there is the descent of the Painting. The Masses will be celebrated every hour, starting from 7 o’clock. The event will finish only when the last of the pilgrim will have given homage to the Virgin.




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